Holiday Wrench-mas


Wrench Stocking Stuffer

Tis the season for gift giving and holiday cheer.  Of course, it can be difficult choosing the perfect present for the loved ones in your life.  How many times can you give your man a new tie? If you’re in need of the stocking stuffer, Wrenchouse is your one-stop-shop for all of your hardware desires.

Give the gift of home improvement and ease this year with a handy new wrench.  They are a necessity in every home and are key to having on hand for quick fixes or major renovations.  Whether a full set is going under the tree or a single wrench is sliding into a stocking, Wrenchouse brings you home for the holidays.

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Which Wrench


Choosing the Right Wrench

When it comes to do it yourself projects, having the proper tools will make your efforts much easier.  Since there are so many different types of wrenches, being prepared with the exact one you require can be difficult.

If you are looking to tighten or loosen nuts and bolts, an adjustable or combination wrench will work best. Although almost every wrench will tighten and loosen, these are the standard and basic features.  Researching and understanding the prime functions of specific wrenches will help you accomplish your projects in a simpler fashion.

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The Advantages of Owning Your Own Tools

own tool

Online American-made Wrenches For Any Occasion

These days, there are repairmen and women for nearly any possible problem. From the inner workings of our home to the toys we use such as our bikes and cars, we call up a company or a single handyman to get the job done. But what if you had the tools to do the job yourself? What if your toolbox was chock full of all the supplies needed to, say, fix a bike, or repair a leaky faucet? At WrencHouse, we carry every kind of wrench, striking wrench, and tong you might need.

Quality Tools at Quality Prices

Whether you are the handyman of the house or you simply wish to stock up on great quality tools at low prices, the team at WrencHouse has you covered. Visit us online today to learn more or give us a call at 512-633-9945!

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Top 3 Things Everyone Should Know About Tools

It seems simple enough to go online and purchase the tool(s) you need– and it is! That being said, a little maintenance and appreciation goes far. Below you’ll find a list compiled of tips and tricks to remember about your tools.

Getting The Most Out of Your Tools

Follow these do’s and don’ts for the tool world.

  • They Are Not Indestructible: No matter how expensive the tool or part, it’s important you treat it with care. We aren’t saying you need every torque wrench or pop-it tool to be encased in glass, but a little common sense will go a long way. Keep rust away from your metal with the tips found in this blog post here. A rusty tool wont’ do you much good.
  • Keep Your Tools Away from Heavy Machinery: You may not be able to bend or break a solid wrench or tool, but certain machines and vises Practice proper safety for your well-being and your tools’.
  •  They Are Not Self Explanatory: While many of us grew up around tools and know their way around a shed, mechanics stall or garage- many of us didn’t. Look online or contact a trusted source with any questions you have. They will be able to walk you through instructions, safety inquiries, use and maintenance tips for any item you have.
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Stocking Your Industrial Toolbox


Industrial Tools, Made in America and Sold for Less

With clients all over the world, Wrenchouse distributes tools for oil refineries, chemical companies and more. We understand heavy-duty industry, and why products you can rely upon year after year are essential to getting the job done right.

Our customers know we’ll do just about anything to get it right, from overnight shipping to same day hotshots in case of emergency. We’re family owned and family operated, and our insistence on providing top quality service means we have a global reputation for quality. Visit us on the web.

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The Advantage of Having Multiple Tools


Always Having the Right Tools on Hand

It is important to have a variety of tools on-had so that you are prepared for any jobs that come your way. Owning multiples of the same tools may seem a little excessive but can be greatly beneficial. By owning multiple tools you are able to sort them into different tool boxes so that you have one at home, in your car, and your work. You will always be prepared no matter where you are, and be the most popular person when are you able to help out. In case there are times when your old tools break, you have one on-hand so that you do not have to stop mid-project.


At Wrenchouse, we offer high-quality wrenches so that your tool box is always ready to go. Know that when you purchase our tools, they are a high-quality investment and guaranteed to never break or rust. Order your wrenches online today.

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Coming to Grips with Tubing Tongs


Extraction Made Easier

Tubing is used for extracting oil and gas from reservoirs are designed to withstand almost anything thus giving it a reliable performance. Higher tongue is required to break the connections, which is why a tough tool is needed. A tubing tong is the tool designed to provide the strength needed to open up connections when needed. In an emergency, it is a tool you will need to have on hand to access a reservoir line when you needed.

Tubing Tongs Online

At Wrenchouse, we supply all types of wrenches including tubing tongs. Our tubing tongs are the first designed with a “Snap-On” style. The cam lever is used to open the jaw and lock them quickly while guaranteeing a positive grip. Be prepare by ordering your tongs online today.

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It’s Stuck: Why You Need a Valve Wrench in Your Tool Box


Left-y Loose-Y, Right-y Tight-y

A valve is a device that controls the flow of a fluid, be it liquid or gas, by opening or closing or even partially obstructing a pipe. They are found in many buildings, including your home used to control of water and gas to and from your house. There are times when even the newest of valves can sometimes become stuck. In an emergency situation where it is imperative that your gas or water supply be shut off, you can use all the extra help shutting of the valve.

Valve Wrench

A valve wrench is the tool you should keep on hand for these types of situations. At Wrenchouse, we offer a variety of valve wrenches to fit a variety of valve wheels. Order yours online today.


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Preventing Tool Rust


Protect Your Tools

The first thing you should know is when rust forms on a tool, it immediately begins to corrode the metal at a fast rate. There are ways to prevent rust from forming on your needed tools that are simple to use. First you will want to make sure that your tools remain dry, if they or your toolbox happen to get wet, wipe down everything until it is dry. Coating your tools with mineral oil or paste wax will prevent rust from forming. Apply a thin coat and rub off excess until you can barely feel the coat of oil. Camphor or mothballs in your toolbox can eliminate oxidation from forming on your tools.

Online Tools American Made

If rust has destroyed your old tools, start fresh by ordering your tools from Wrenchouse. We offer a wide selection of wrenches, our tools are American made and when maintained properly, can last you for years. For more information, contact us at (512)633-9945.

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The Right Tools for the Job: Wrenches for Plumbing


Plumbing Problems

Homeowners know that if you live in a house long enough you get well-acquainted with your home plumbing. That happens when problems with the plumbing occur; a clogged sink, dripping faucets, and plugged-up toilets are usually the culprits. Over time you learn how to fix the problems yourself, with the right tools those calls to the plumber will lessen.

Right Tools for the Job

When it comes to fixing pipes, there is not a better tool to have in your arsenal than a wrench. The wrenches most needed for the job are a basin wrench, a pipe wrench, and an adjustable wrench. All are necessary for various nuts, bolts, and fittings that need adjustments. Most can be adjusted or sold in sizes that will grip the fitting perfectly, which means you will not strip the fitting.

American Made Tools Online

All of the wrenches and supplies sold on WrencHouse are American made. You can order yours knowing that you will be well-equipped for your next plumbing project while shopping American made products. Order online or for any questions contact us at (512)633-9945.

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