Preventing Tool Rust


Protect Your Tools

The first thing you should know is when rust forms on a tool, it immediately begins to corrode the metal at a fast rate. There are ways to prevent rust from forming on your needed tools that are simple to use. First you will want to make sure that your tools remain dry, if they or your toolbox happen to get wet, wipe down everything until it is dry. Coating your tools with mineral oil or paste wax will prevent rust from forming. Apply a thin coat and rub off excess until you can barely feel the coat of oil. Camphor or mothballs in your toolbox can eliminate oxidation from forming on your tools.

Online Tools American Made

If rust has destroyed your old tools, start fresh by ordering your tools from Wrenchouse. We offer a wide selection of wrenches, our tools are American made and when maintained properly, can last you for years. For more information, contact us at (512)633-9945.

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